How To Make Money From WhatsApp 2018

How To Make Money From WhatsApp 2018 - Hello friends How to earn money from Whatsapp? This thing can not be known for many people, but it is absolutely correct. I think there can be someone who has a smartphone and who does not know about whatsapp. Today everyone uses whatsapp.

Earn Money From Whatsapp
Earn Money From Whatsapp

How will you feel when you say that you can earn money from WhatsApp? Those who are not aware of whatsapp want to say that this is a messaging app so that you can chat with other people and share audio video photos.

Guys, you may be thinking that you will be able to give whatsapp money to do any work. So let me explain that Whatsapp does not pay any work. Yes, there is no doubt that you can earn money using Whatsapp.

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone method that we use very well, so I wonder why you should say something to the people so that you can earn some money for yourself using WhatsApp. So let's do without procrastination, how to earn money with whatsapp.

What is Whatsapp?

If WhatsApp is a simple small messaging app that we use to communicate with the relatives of our friends. This is a very easy app that everyone can use. In it, you can send video picture audio with a text message, which is absolutely free. Which means that you do not have to pay anyone for this, just make connections to the Internet on your mobile.

Now the question arises that to make money by using whatsapp yes, it is true that we can not earn money directly but by using the right thing we can certainly earn good money. So in today's process I will give you information about these methods so that you can earn good money.

1. Profitable Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a great way to earn money from Whatsapp. Now, who are not aware of affiliate marketing, tell them that this is also a way to sell their products. This commission is based, which means if you sell branded company products, then the company gives you some commission for this sale.

There are many companies that encourage people to sell their products and in return give them a good commission. In the same way you can publish links to all these related products in various WhatsApp group and you will get your commission according to your commission. The simple fact is that more and more commissions have mentioned the names of some websites that support affiliate marketing.

Best Trusted Affiliate Program: -


2. PPD Network

Those who do not know about PPD tell them that the complete form of PPD is a download payment. This is a network that gives you money to download this file, which you upload to your website and when the number of downloads increases, your money increases.

There is also a PPD network which is famous for paying the highest payment in the world. You do not need to do anything to upload files like movie songs, software images etc. on your website. And share your links in various WhatsApp group. As soon as you increase the number of downloads, you can earn money.

3. List of PPD networks

1. Upload
2. Filebox
3. Upload Cash
4. User cloud
5. Daily Upload

4. Link Shorting Services

It is very easy to use and it is very easy. In it you have to reduce the links of big and popular websites, which you can use in a nutshell. Once you shorten the link, you will have to share that link and you will get the funds to click on that link. Simple money is clicked on more money.

To implement this, you need to research on websites that have websites from such angles that share such authentic viral and popular and sharing people. You also have to find such a good article and you can also use interesting pictures like viral videos, interesting links.

Once you find websites with good content, you can reduce such links and publish it in various WhatsApp Ads. And it is a common practice that people always look for such things and increase your clicks and earn your money. But a known fact is that according to the country you get money from the country. As soon as you get clicks from countries like Germany USA UK Australia Canada, you can earn even more money but in India, you will get less money compared to them.

List of url shortener sites: -

3. Linkshrink.Net

5. Online Learning

If you have good knowledge in a particular field then you can share that knowledge with others and you can read them for which you can also charge them. For this, you have to share yourself with various WhitSpot groups and what you can read so that people can know about you and interested people will contact you.

6. Tube Channel and Blog Website Promotion

You can also earn money in WhatsApp by promoting other YouTube channels and websites. All you have to do is reach your reach. If you have access to whatsapp groups and contacts, then you have to contact other bloggers and vloggers so they can tell them that you can bring good traffic to them but instead they have to pay the money.

And those who are new to bloggers and volunteers, and they do not have much traffic, they are looking for people like you. If they get good traffic on some money exchanges, then they will never change your offer.

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