How to Make Money with Facebook Video Monetization

How to Make Money with Facebook Video Monetization - Hello friends Now it's time for you to ask about it. Because the Facebook Video Monetization Service has been launched. Now it is that Facebook can be monetized with the advertising network and it is similar to YouTube where you can upload your videos and earn money through Google AdSense, but here Facebook advertisers can pay you like Google AdSense And you can earn a lot of money from Facebook.

How to Make Money with Facebook Video Monetization
How to Make Money with Facebook Video Monetization

A few months ago news came about Facebook video monetization but after that the Facebook Instant Article Service was launched. So people felt that Facebook will only launch Article Monetization Service and will not launch the video monetization service. But Facebook launched a video monetization service and shocked all the video sharing websites, including YouTube.

Facebook Video Monetization India Facebook has launched a video sharing platform called YouTube creator like YouTube Video Sharing Platform. Any creator on the Facebook Creator Platform can earn money by uploading videos and monetization from the Facebook Ad Network.

How do Facebook creators join?

To upload videos to Facebook and earn money, the Facebook Creator Video Sharing Platform should be added and it is mandatory to have a Facebook page and app ID to join. If there is no FB page and app ID, then click the link to create it and then follow the steps to join the Facebook Creator Community.

Step 1 - Composer community There are 2 ways to join the Community Facebook Maker App and Facebook Creator website. But the app is currently available only for iOS, so I tell you that you can connect with the Facebook Creator website which is easy.

Step 2 - After opening the website, click on Sign in with Facebook button.

Step 3 - Now here we have to enter some information related to account and video. Like online video category and what kind of videos you can make.

Step 4 - As soon as we can click on this button the Facebook Creator registration will be completed. After this, you will find information about all the toolkit and policy of the Facebook Creator FAQ.

Note: - If you have an iPhone mobile then you can download video and video monetization immediately by downloading your app.

I have registered for the Facebook Creator Community and further I will use the Facebook Video Monetization Service. If you are also a video producer, you can join and share YouTube videos with Facebook and increase your popularity. So that you can encourage further video creation and you can make 100% effort in every video and earn a lot of money.

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