Top 10 Great Ways to Increase Computer Laptop Speed

Top 10 great ways to increase computer laptop speed - Many people get annoyed due to computer and computer hanging. People with slow computers can not do their work on time. In the end, some people get rid of this problem to speed up their computer laptop, but sometimes our required folder files are removed due to the format, so I'm telling you some ways to slow down the computer. Can move without formatting.
Top 10 Great Ways to Increase Computer Laptop Speed
Top 10 Great Ways to Increase Computer Laptop Speed

Even if the speed of your computer laptop is slow, you would still want to format your system, but if you want to speed up your device without formatting, then continue reading this post. In this post we are telling you some such tips. You can increase the speed of your computer laptop without any difficulty.

You can follow these tips and keep your computer laptop always problem free and increase the speed of your slow computer laptop. Let's learn about those important tips.

How to increase your computer laptop speed
By following these tips you can make your computer laptop system unformatted and simultaneously with these tips, you can hang your system even by hanging, let me tell these tips without wasting time.

*1 Recycle Bin folder always caught empty

Most importantly, keep the Recycle Bin folder always empty if you want to increase the speed of your computer laptop. Often, many users are free to remove an icon from any folder or file or their computer.

However, if you do this, the deleted data file document is saved in the folder of your computer laptop's Recycle Bin and if you need to speed up your system then keep this folder always empty.

How to clear the Recycle Bin folder?

Go to the Recycle Bin folder, right-click on the blank bin option. If you have deleted the file with errors, then you can see that file here. Now press the Shift + Delete key button, any of your files will be permanently deleted.

*2 Leave C Drive Free

The most important C drive from the drive of your computer system is that it is part of your hard disk and the necessary software in this drive is stored in our system.

Without a C drive, your system will not be able to run, so this drive is most essential for your system. Do not keep too much data in this drive and yes do not keep any of your personal data in the C drive.

*3 Uninstall Start-Up Program

Often new computer laptop users install more of the startup program on their system, and by doing so, the speed of our system is slow. It is only on our computer.

Such as analog clock, screen news feed, g-talk, skype, bit torrent etc.

How to uninstall these programs?

1. Go to the first start menu or you press the Windows key + R

2. Now the window that will open will allow you to type "msconfig".

3. Now click on the Startup tab and delete the program from the list that you want to uninstall.

This way you can uninstall additional startup programs.

*4 Check Computer Hardware

This can be the biggest reason for the slow computer speed, so changing the hardware in the old computer is important so that you can increase the RAM of your computer system.

You can change your cable, sometimes the port in the system stops working, if your computer is slowing down you will get hardware check.

It is not certain that there is a problem with your computer hardware, sometimes this problem also comes in the software, so check it once.

*5 Scan Corrupted File

Our computer's operating system always keeps changing some of the PC system files. Some of these files are files that are corrupted after system updates.

These files are not some kind of work that holds extra spare in the computer system, can we also delete these additional files and even if they can improve it?

How to check for corrupted files?

1. To check corrupt files, go to Control Panel >> Programs >> Uninstall and Change Programs.

2. After reaching here you can remove corrupted files from PC or repair "System File Checking" help.

*6 Keep Only 1 Antivirus

When you use Internet viruses and malware, you come to your computer system which slow down our computer and because of these viruses the system needs antivirus.

But according to PC only 1 register antivirus is enough. In this situation, installing 2 programs or slowing down the speed of a different firewall programmable system.

Programs such as antivirus or firewall take more power, so if we install 2 antivirus or firewall then the speed of our computer system is very slow.

In this case if you want to increase the speed of your computer laptop, just install antivirus which will not slow down your computer system and speed will also increase.

*7 Remove additional software and visuals

If you want to increase the speed of your computer, additional waste can increase the speed of the computer by removing all the antivirus and scenes that do not work.

There are many antivirus savees in the PC which are additional ones which are not used which are extra in memory space. If your PC's internal storage is low then it would be best to erase such software.

Also, if you are using animation effects or scenes and you like items like Live Screen Saver, then they can also reduce the speed of your computer.

If your computer's laptop memory is low and you want to increase the speed of your computer, then it is better not to use them all.

*8 Upgrade Graphics Drivers For Gaming Computers

If you are one of them then many computer users are connected to HD games, these tips are important to you. With these tips you can speed up your computer.

If you are a gamer you should continue to upgrade your computer's drivers. Qatar Drivers are those programs that work on running any hardware.

When we take a new computer, new drivers come which are after some time if you want to speed up your computer, keep updating drivers from time to time.

*9 Clean Desktop

Keep your desktop clean if you want to speed up your personal computer. Keep files on desktop as required to save files on the desktop, saved in a straight drive.

These files have a bad effect on the speed of our computer and the speed gets slower and if we keep more files on the desktop RAM will be more expensive.

This is the reason why if you want to increase the speed of your computer, do not keep extra files on the desktop. You can save those extra files in any other drive.

*10 Use Registered Antivirus

Internet access in computer systems comes from viruses and malware that slows down the system. If you want to avoid this, always use register antivirus.

Also, keep track of your computer system periodically and keep the internal memory of your computer system as empty as possible, which is extra software.

Doing this will not slow down your computer system and speed up your system too.

In the end, friends have told you about 10 tips to speed up the computer laptop, hopefully you can speed up your computer by following these tips.

If you know any other tips to increase the speed of the computer laptop in addition to these tips, tell them in comments and tell them how they should be taken care of.

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