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Best Hosting Sites – In the advent of digitized files, there has been a lot of technology that branched out from it and has successfully upgraded a technological lifestyle that the generation continues to enjoy. One of the main improvements in the society is that information has been easily shared throughout the world and among people through the internet.
Best Hosting Sites
Best Hosting Sites

There was a time when printed media are the only way that information can be passed on from a source to people. A person has to have the physical copy of where the information was written to be able to know its content. In this day and age, that is no longer a problem.

What is Web Hosting?

Whenever we are not sure of anything these days, we easily type in keywords on a search bar and we are presented with a lot of options where we can read up on that issue and be clarified about it. We get a list of websites that have the relevant information we need.
Web hosting is the service that makes that easy access to information possible. Web hosting enables people or an organization to create their own page over the World Wide Web, These pages are called websites or web pages. In relation to searching for information, these websites does not automatically load up on your computer screens when you type on the keyboard. They are presented as varied options and by clicking the link or copying the domain into the address bar would allow you to view the webpage or the website from where you get the information.

Types of Web Hosting

Like real estate there are different types of hosting services that fit different people. In the digital world, this translates to the simplest to the most advanced server plans.

Shared Hosting

This is what beginners use. Not everyone can start off knowing a lot about anything. Consider this as having training wheels. You do share resources with other domains so there may be setbacks in the form of server traffic and lags. As is anything that is shared, too, there is limited control on the applications you can include especially of it directly affect server speed and memory capacity.

Dedicated Hosting

Once your website gains traction and is starting to take off, you can opt for this type of hosting since in this case, your website gets its own server. This allows you to be more liberal in creating applications, customization and the like. This also means faster performance. This is the common option of people who would like additional security for their websites or if the websites expects greater volume of access over time. With all the perks of it, this comes with additional costs of maintaining it since you are solely responsible for one server.

Cloud Hosting

This is the hype in the tech word as it does not work with specific servers as the other two but instead, over a network. With this type of hosting, the sources to power the website are spread out across a number of computers in a network and users can consume the volume they need without physical equipment the house the servers. This is also practical as you can only make use of the resource you need for your website demands and as your website grows bigger, the consumption of resources adjust with it.

Here is Top Best Hosting Sites List

1# HostGator :

2# BigRock :

3# BlueHost :